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YES 2014: EUISS Yearbook of European Security

24 Mai 2014, 10:15am

Publié par Patrice Cardot

The EUISS Yearbook of European Security (YES) 2014 is the Institute's  annual publication compiling key documents and data related to the EU's  CFSP and CSDP for the year  2013. The 2014 edition also includes chapters  on new actors in the Arab political landscape post- 2011 as well as on  the evolution of defence spending across Europe.
Visually appealing  maps, graphs and charts provide added clarity on some of the  key issues  facing the European Union and its external action today.

Click here to download the EUISS Yearbook [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001SoABQwtI5ZPU4KSs7moJDkgw63Mv7cZ4ikg4Oovq9PJ4D73VIGguduTF4lZGYUe_Ta3VLgwO7_l2MzNdVnjmewJc5dFvqZAR_MZ-fj-noqGIVzL71vLpGRPSIwirxBRUcqAOUvdCNGqgCtvYCeurygnKnrP1w9dyU5BeUIZj1HPv6TaOkC7LVRU2m1k-kr9aBQZmtgmUhSvzH-nceWAC6i7ro4NlJGJgCeUoYCaNDyTM3CSV3Uaq0S1rosdToVHrsk35DmEZdXRFbI8d0UVUMdgRiaIS1U9aAhaeNsli6oyHTMZYuJkhG6wglZ3ibgJJ6B4U5sDHmyM2SIVEcIVg-Tni_cUCzfXw8gAwmY8_P7i0DiyGu4F9jf-UKoxb43EIMbU-MI3Ki_08NcMZ1NmEhqhegi7mVnjS&c=oMt_hU2R8hbGpMW29WHWlgneoBC_de8i_1syykoU0IWoUjKUAmTIlQ==&ch=-jg4Vlu1gkGmEyZWiYqz9OFMEeyx1xGdX0LSHAMQpYJP7I1tf-tOpw==]

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